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The Book

The Kosovo Albanians who told Paula Huntley their stories had suffered through decades of stagnation under communism, and a decade of vicious apartheid under Milosevic. They had survived the horrendous brutalities and ethnic cleansing of 1998-99.

Yet, the stories in The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo don't create a bleak tale of horror and hopelessness. Rather, they tell us of the human capacity for endurance. They tell of the remarkable courage and resilience of the Kosovo Albanians. They tell of the amazing spirit- and hopefulness - of Huntley's Albanian students.

And they remind us of the courage, the strength, the compassion, and the generosity of which we are all capable.

The first meeting of The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo - Prishtina, October, 2000
Edona, Granit 2 and Luan at the Going-Away party for "Teacher" - Spring, 2001