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Meet the Author

Thank you for visiting my web-site. I am Paula Huntley, writer of the journal that "accidentally" became the book, The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo.

When my husband, Ed Villmoare, and I lived in Kosova for eight months in 2000-2001, a year after NATO drove out the Serb oppressors, I kept a journal -- for the first time in my life, really. After we returned to the U.S. I was persuaded to let the journal be published. I hoped Americans could get to know my students and the other Kosova Albanians we met. I wanted - and my students wanted - their stories to be told.

The stories tell of their life under Milosevic's apartheid during the 90's - a period when Kosova's Albanians were stripped of jobs, education, basic human rights. And the stories tell how my students and other Kosovars survived the horrendous brutalities and ethnic cleansing of 1998-99.

But most of all, the stories I wrote each night in my journal were stories of courage and hope, of strength and resilience and optimism.

My students - and all the other courageous people I met in Kosova - were a constant inspiration to me. They still are.

I hope you enjoy the book, and enjoy getting to know these remarkable people.

Paula Huntley

My husband, Ed Villmoare, and me, celebrating his 60th birthday in Prishtina, Kosovo, February 2001