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Students Then and Now

Nora, left, in 2012 celebrating her brother Leonard's MBA degree with Leonard's wife, Dafina
Nora when I first met her, October, 2000.
Nora graduating from San Domenico School in San Anselmo, California, 2009
Leonard, Nora's proud brother, applauding her San Domenico graduation. With Leonard is his fiancee, Dafina.
Leonard, Nora and their parents, Mehdi and Zerife. 2000.
Baby Bora, the daughter of Granit 2 and his wife Shqiponja. The Gashis now live in Texas where Granit has begun work with a financial services company.
Ed with Leonard and Leonard's fiance, Dafina. Prishtina, May 2009.
Leutrim, Granit 2, Paula, Genti, Besart, Granit 1, reuniting in the spring of 2002
In the classroom, Spring 2001. Paula in pink sweater.
Granit 1 and Besart, in English class, Fall 2000